February 3, 2013

Discipline + Revolt

When I heard of Andrée Putman passing last month, it brought to mind my first knowledge of her work.  Designing Morgans in 1984 (the first American boutique style hotel), she introduced us to a sophisticated sober elegance that was both serene and emotionally evocative. Minimal but never spare.  These were the early days of my design life, and Putman's celebrated work was a beacon extolling the virtue of design principles + theory, over tricks + trend.  As she noted "the perfect balance between discipline and revolt."  For me she has always been the model design citizen........ inspired and inspiring.  x x
Photograph leaning, Rodney Graham
To anchor and compose the unlikely, but functionally practical flat screen placement we created a stealth media unit, spanning the architecture window bay.
"Of course style and money have nothing to do with each other, good design is pure and simple, and I am interested in that family of things that will not date."  Andrée Putman 1925-2013.
Putman Style
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