May 11, 2010

The Plan's the Thing

When I approach a new project, armed with our client's wish list and functional requirements, everything starts with the plan.  I try to work from a place without preconceptions, letting the program inform the space with meaning.  Design enrichment's follow this form as it reveals it's self, and a fully resolved plan manifests into a concept.   Planning provides the foundation of an intelligent three dimensional intention.  

Given an existing master bathroom with defined peripheries (6 feet by 16 feet), we were asked to expand the functionality and render it in an elegant veneer.  Rethinking the progression of activities, allowed for an expanded shower (wet room), separate toilet room, adding a make-up vanity plus a second sink.  A limited material vocabulary that is simply detailed, unifies and expands the space.

All things considered luxury is not about scale, but comfort and ease. 
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