March 20, 2011

Home Fires

The Fireplace has long been a central organizing feature of home design, originally out of necessity and more recently out of desire. Currently the kitchen maybe seen as the heart of most homes, but historically it was the hearth. Even the most modern of homes celebrate the fireplace as a dominant  focal point and gathering place. Fire is one of the classic elements of the earth, and we relate to it on a primal level.
Todays hearths come in all manner of style and fuel type.  In these projects we've incorporated a variety of fire boxes, from traditional wood burning to alternative fuel units ( which do not require venting).   We've also designed custom gas burner units to better suit our design intentions when standard product would not.  Working often with Vancouver Gas Fireplace to provide both depth of product and industry expertise.  The variety of great fireplace options available make designing any room around this archetypal symbol of home, all the more accessible and diverse.

March 17, 2011

Much Appreciated

A big thank you to Kim at Desire to Inspire, for her recent post highlighting the work of our office.  I enjoy checking out her blog often; especially Pets on Furniture.  Where my own little Pierre got some love. 

March 10, 2011

Let There Be Light

Lighting is perhaps the single most important factor in creating and experiencing interior spaces.   Both materials and form are enhanced with a well considered lighting design.  In successfully illuminated spaces, light needs to be emitted in a variety of ways, and from multiple directions / levels.  Anticipating how a room will be used, and designing for these functions creates space that is both flexible and rich in content.  
Using two tables in this large dining room provided a more intimate setting for entertaining smaller groups, but our client wanted to have the option of dining at a single large table for special occasions.   We worked in conjunction with Joel Berman Glass Studio, to create a feature light fixture that would allow for both these (+ other) options. The sculptural glass panels are lit by small LEDs  while the table surfaces are perfectly illuminated by recessed down lights.  Margot Richards was the lighting consultant for the entire project, and certainly cast her bright knowledgeable light.  The penthouse was recently featured at Home DSGN.

March 3, 2011

Ever Green

A client of ours recently purchased a home in Palm Springs and asked us to undertake design of the interiors.  What's unusual about this project is that we decided to source most of the furniture from the, (not so secret) wealth of vintage furniture in the region.  Our design direction is a glamorous 70's / 80's vibe and a little bit Hollywood.  As designers we are accustomed to planning well in advance, ordering furniture and installing a preconceived vision.  For this home the design process has been much more organic, and a great rush! Finding remarkable pieces, by notable designers like, Milo Baughman, Warren Platner and Steven Chase  to name a few.  We've also found wonderful high quality items by top furniture and accessory manufacturers of the time.  One unseen benefit of shopping the secondary furniture market is the green aspect, reuse and shop local. Assembled above are a few of our finds.  The house will be complete for the fall season.  Special thanks go out to our wonderful client, who has inspired us and the decor. 
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