August 30, 2010


The profession of interior design is all about controlling the outcome of your intentions.  Recently we were asked to transform an existing restaurant into a limited run pop-up space.  What we conceived, is really rooted in loosing that control, and taking the role of advocate. By nature a pop-up is a 'happening', so having a space that changes throughout it's short life, was our goal.  That manifested into a stripped down studio space akin to Andy Warhol's Factory (the hip hangout for art types + other nonconformists ).  Graffiti artist Vince Dumoulin, will continue to make his mark throughout the run of ONE HUNDRED DAYS , and it begins now.

August 19, 2010

Think Pink

Pink is a much maligned colour, seen as trite and associated with pursuits lacking serious or intellectual depth.  But for me the meaning of pink is more aligned with romance + joy. When we selected materials to refresh Opus Lobby Bar (Vancouver), pink was a natural choice.  I love the way the interior colour is finding it's way to so many aspects of the brand + the new John Fluevog Porter shoes are just one stellar example.

August 13, 2010


My favorite private spaces exude a sense of peace + calm, like a deep exhale they transport you to a place of stillness.  One such project we worked on, located in a re-purposed London Mews house, is for me the embodiment of this sort of sanctuary.   The principal bedroom, and adjacent suite of rooms is exemplar, in it's understated language. Tucked under a mansard roof these quarters seem almost veiled;  do in part to the wonderful quality of light and a monochromatic material selection.   
In the bath lounge (above), a sky roof floods the room with filtered light, and large glass doors  open onto a private terrace amongst the rooftops.  The bathtub takes centre stage, while two chaise lounge afford conversation, the Sunday paper or an unscheduled nap.  A perfect oasis before or after a hurried day in this energetic city. Furnished with custom designed case and soft pieces,  Christian Liaigre lamps, tea tables by Ceccotti.  I might just clear my agenda and stay in for the day.

August 1, 2010


Designed to be experienced both visually, and by touch, the tactile quality of these ceramic walls belies their medium.  Soft edges and gentle curves in this basket weave paving, by ceramic artist Andy Blick, bring the quality of fabric to the material.  The custom colour, matt glaze further contributes to it's softness.  We accented the reserved texture with spot lighting set in deep coves, which bathes the walls accentuating delicate shadows.  Andy Blick's engaging creations were specified here in a master bath (basket weave above), and several guest baths (below), giving hard surface a whole new meaning.
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