February 22, 2013

Art Glass

Bell Jar Pendants
Alison Berger is an artist whose medium is light and whose material is glass. Whether designing light fixtures, objects, furnishing or large scale sculptures, she uses age-old glass blowing techniques to create glass forms that transcend time and capture light.  The beauty of Alison Berger's fixtures are further embellished by a strong sense of history that is inherent in hand blown glass.  Glass art is formed from fire and earth in a magical process that is over 2000 years old.  She refers to her light fixtures as being atmospheric, small points of light emitted through dense glass; recalling fireflies.  The light fixtures we've included in our projects (shown here) defy style categories, fitting seamlessly, they are more akin to architecture than decor.  Just stunning.   Meet the Artist, Alison Berger: Museum of Glass
Pistil Pendant
Roman Ring Floor Lamp
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