November 25, 2010

Sense Of Place

In re-designing the rooms + suites for Opus Hotel Vancouver we fashioned a sequel to our original story, reinforcing a strong sense of place.  Where  colour and pattern are the vehicle, rather than the meaning.  Our intention was to create a dialog that does not end with the design, but begins there.  Hospitality spaces that evoke the guest's imagination, so they can write their own unique chapter.  
In a rejuvenated executive SOHO (Mike) suite, the stage is set. Every guest is remarkable, and we believe that where they stay should not only acknowledge that fact, but try to equal it.  You are here.

PS:  Design Milk blogged about their Opus Hotel stay, in 2011.  

November 14, 2010

Blurred Boundaries

In designing this pied-a'-terre for a nomadic couple who extol Mies's adage, "Less is More", we demolished the conventional two bedroom apartment back to it's concrete structure.  Re-thinking how the footprint could best be configured to suit their needs.   Blurring traditional boundaries and minimizing walls, the 'real' living space for all functions was amplified, in this very open plan.   Abundant integrated storage allows for a pristine environment where sculptural furniture can be showcased in a pop art borrowed colour scheme.

November 5, 2010


James Welling, Glass House
The prominent architect Philip Johnson was a catalyst for change throughout his long professional career.   His passion for design helped shape the face of contemporary american architecture.  Likely best know for the design of his iconic glass house (1949), set on several acres in New Canaan Connecticut.    
As an admirer of Johnson's masterpiece residence,  I was delighted to have our client purchase a work by the artist James Welling, celebrating this inspirational structure.  Drawing with light and colour, Welling produces works of abstract meditation on this transparent icon.  The selected work, floats above a smoky grey Minotti sofa and superb area rug by Jan Kath.
James Welling,  Glass House 2009, inkjet print
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