April 30, 2013

Alem Dekor Magazine

It really is a small world (on-line) after all.  The Rancho Mirage home we designed for the lovely Jacquie Somerville, has been featured in ALEM Dekor Magazine Istanbul.   Many thanks to  Senem Öztürk and ALEM for this great editorial piece. Teşekkür ederim!   

April 14, 2013

Barely There

Jack Shadbolt, work on paper,  RBI client residence.
The framing + presentation of works of art requires individual consideration. The form of that presentation should enhance the work in its specified location, without drawing attention to itself.  For me it should be, barely there.  
One of our resources when looking to revitalize art in our interiors projects, is the highly knowledgeable, Fine Art Framing.   Their expertise regarding what best serves and supports works of art is based on a sound depth of experience and practical knowledge.
Viewing wall at Fine Art Framing
I tend to think of art framing, in a similar fashion as that which might be executed by a museum.  Understated and elegant.  We always want to address archival issues so that the work is protected from the elements.  This can include UV protection, archival matting, etc.   Works under glass should be low iron + anti reflective to minimize colour shift and image loss do to glare. As important as the functional requirements, the quality of the presentation in materials and craftsmanship must befit the importance of the work.  
Our clients newly framed collection, pictured here, was impeccably facilitated by Fine Art Framing.    
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