December 30, 2010

Ground Up

One of the most comprehensive projects we've under taken this year, is a lake front summer residence in Naramata B C.  In collaboration with architectural designer Jamie Dobson, we've been able to design this home from the ground up.  Our clients had a previous cabin on the site and were very clear on their requirements for the new structure. The project program drove the design, from the inside  out.  How the interior spaces relate to each other, and to the exterior  determined the overall form.   It's been a great pleasure working on this project and I believe the results will be much more than satisfying when it's complete late 2011.  I think it's going to be a great new year! 
'A good house is a created thing made of many parts economically and meaningfully assembled.  It speaks not just of the materials from which it is made, but of the intangible rhythms, spirits, + dreams of peoples lives...... In it's parts it accommodates important human activities, yet in sum it expresses an attitude toward life.' The Place of Houses; Moore, Allen, Lyndon.

December 20, 2010

Happy Holidays

In gratitude to our tremendous clients,  who enable us to do the work we love, a donation has been made to A Loving Spoonful.  We wish you all the very best of this season, and that joy will have a place in your heart all your days.

Please note, our office will close for the holidays on December 24 . 10 returning January 5.  11.

December 11, 2010


One of the great pleasures in life is the enjoyment of wine.  Almost every project we design incorporates some accommodation for the storage and protection of it.  Cellars can be large or small, but in all cases require temperature control and fittings to display this consumable collectible.  Even for the well versed the stocking of a cellar can be a daunting task.  Many of our clients have turned to House Wine to assist in the procurement of wine that best suits their tastes and needs.  House Wine dispenses expert consultation services to improve everyones appreciation and enjoyment, of this history rich product.  Subscribe to their newsletter to stay well informed. 
The cellars pictured here are from various Robert Bailey Interiors projects.  "Come quickly, I am tasting stars"..... Dom Perignon.  Tis the season!

December 2, 2010

Casual Luxe

All aspects of this custom west coast home, were designed to suit a young active family.  Our clients direction was that the end product had to be child and pet friendly, without sacrificing grown up luxury + comfort. Natural materials dominate throughout, giving the home a casual, easy to live in / with character.  Interior design elements, materials and furnishing, were elected for their inherent visual forgiving-ness, robust construction, and easy maintenance. 
In the interconnecting stair, custom concrete treads from Solus,  are suspended off a powder coated steel structure.  Walnut and blue stone contrast with smooth plaster and large format porcelain flooring, in the principal living room.  Wear tested upholstery and waterproof leather complete the bespoke soft seating.    A chic modern home for the whole family.  You can touch.
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