July 17, 2012


When I began this on-line journal, my intention was to write about the firms activity, our processes and our results.  To add more meaning to the images on our web site.  It's proven to be quite an education. Words are not my natural method of communicating design thoughts. I'm much more comfortable using images. That's why drawing has been my premier tool when working with clients to construct the visual direction of their projects.  This is especially true during our schematic design phase, it's a time of free associations, and rarely linear or methodical.
For the renovation of a ski resort property our design development presentation (sketches and collages) , starts to identify a point of view.  We wanted to stray from the predictable alpine cliches, and grow our own concept of 'ski lodge'. Taking cues from diverse places and building in parts,  to form a whole. This schematic direction can now be applied throughout our process and adopted into all our aesthetic decisions.     
Noting this is my one hundredth blog entry, I look to the future + working to better articulate what we do, are doing, have done..... with visual assistance, of course!

July 1, 2012

Canada Day / Contemporist Apartment

We're celebrating Canada Day with the inclusion of our Silver Sea Project, featured on the Contemporist today.  A big Canadian thank you to the team at the Contemporist.  Photographs are by Josh Dunford.   Bedside table, Ceccotti Collection, Storica-international.  Baccarat Abysse Lamp.      
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