November 10, 2013

Function is Luxury

Dundarave en suite, hinged mirror cabinets for a 360 view
Whenever I consider (or am asked) what are our interiors project must haves (?),  the reply is never specific elements, but rather specific functions.  For me if it isn't functional, it's broken.  The bathroom is certainly one of the rooms where function is central to it's success.   We have a long list of must haves for this room.   But foremost on that list, is really good lighting!  I quite literally think of the vanity + mirror as a work station, which requires perfect task lighting.  The key illumination is diffused side lighting (mounted at head level), other sources can be a mix of direct and indirect and all of them need to be controllable (on dimmers).   Images included here are from various RBI projects.   

"There is one fundamental fact about lighting, where there is no light, there is no beauty." Billy Baldwin.         
Two sides of our Fairview penthouse principal bath
Open plan in our Silver Sea en suite with hinged Agape mirror back lit
Separate + equal in our Naramata en suite with side lit mirrored cabinets
Various RBI projects with controllable task lighting 

November 4, 2013


Delood is a daily design magazine + an online destination for those seeking inspiration and new information regarding modern design in all it's forms, from art and fashion, to architecture and technology, to gastronomy.  The magazine is updated daily to inform its users of the constantly changing world of design.
We're delighting to have our Naramata project featured in Delood and thank the editorial staff for this and previous project inclusions.  
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