October 23, 2011

Tropical Punch

Earlier this month I was in Punta Mita Mexico to install the principle rooms in our clients tropical resort home.  We had designed the beautiful exterior living spaces a couple of years ago.  The architectural style of the home is Balinese , with the main living space open on two sides and covered by a generous palapa roof.  Furnishing this gathering space, we elected to use a mix of outdoor lounge furniture facilitating a very casual lifestyle, that does not distinguish between indoor and out.  All of the fabrics, materials and even the floor lamps are 'weather + water resistant'.  The various furniture styles, art and artifacts give the space a sophisticated curated feel, belying it's practicality. 
Patricia Urquiola Crinoline chairs recall the design of classic rattan peacock chairs, and provide a delicate screen against the adjacent garden room, defining the sitting area.
This proved to be one of our more dramatic installations.  With hurricane Jova making it's way toward us and reports of severe weather expected; we had to clear the rooms shortly after they were complete.  I took a couple of record photos (here) and hoped for the best as we headed to the airport.  Fortunately Jova did not pack the predicted punch, +  we'll complete our install later this winter; in what will be more typically perfect weather conditions. 

October 12, 2011


I've been a fan of Bruce Mau Design (Massive Change) for many years.  The work of his office allies both method and depth of information;  culminating in beauty that is much more than skin deep. His thinking on design is just as thought provoking:
'Allow yourself to wander aimlessly.  Explore adjacencies. Lack judgment. Postpone criticism.'  # 8 Drift.  from Bruce Mau's, Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.  The design statement was written by Mau to outline his process, and serves (me) as a reminder to explore + enjoy the journey, not focusing on end results. 
* Thinking like a designer, study + discourse;
The book Glimmer (written in collaboration with Mau) tackles the big questions of design while the Glimmer site, continues the conversation presenting design thinkers + thinking.
Images here; our schematic concept for a new sushi bar to be located in Opus Hotel Montreal.

October 2, 2011

Flower Power

Art work, above sofa Vera Lutter
A devotion to flowers is imbedded in my DNA.  As a young boy my grandmother's cutting garden was like a magic world, where I'd be given free reign to gather the perfect bouquet.  She passed on her delight, that every flower was a sublime miracle, with life energy (speaking to her plants, long before it was fashionable). Flowers are filled with so much meaning, they manifest feelings of love, joy, hope, peace ............ sending a message of welcome and caring in every room they grace.
Floral compositions shown here, created by Get Fresh Flowers.
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