October 30, 2010

Tailor Made

Delivering a project of exceptional quality, for our firm most often denotes, a substantial amount all of the furniture will be custom built. There are few furniture manufacturers that can provide the attention to detail and quality control that a bespoke furniture artisan can.  A good parallel would be the difference between, 'off the rack' and 'tailor made'.  
Custom rugs throughout are by Zoe Luyendijk
This assertion was affirmed with our installation of a wonderful new project for long time clients. Furnishings for this penthouse residence were designed in a 'required scale', to balance the commodious spaces. Proportion, premium materials and precise details make these one off pieces truly 'fit' and become 'instant heirlooms'.   It's very gratifying to know they will have a long and appreciated life. Photographs (here) were taken during our installation, the full project will be explored on our web site soon.

October 16, 2010

Beautiful Machine

In his seminal work 'Towards a new Architecture (1923)',  Le Corbusier coined the phrase "a house is a machine for living". It was the dawn of design responding to the machine age.  His purist rules for a new design morality were based on function, and simplified form without ornamentation.  Almost a century later, Le Corbusier's words seem very appropriate in describing this kitchen, in a recent project of ours. Clean lines and simple details  speak of function and machine,  but luxurious and sophisticated materials say beauty and style. New modernism that's accessible, ergonomic and easy on the eyes........ plus it's a convertible.

October 9, 2010

Modern Traditions

The question of style often comes up when speaking about our work. I usually say we work in a contemporary manner.  This is really only partly true.  Although we design for contemporary lifestyles, almost everything we create has an archetype in the history of interiors.  For me the study of design chronicles is a constant  resource for every facet of our work in, advancing the anatomy of living environments. History imparts knowledge and gives permission to move the profession of design forward to a more relevant expression of our time and place.
Parzinger console tables 1940
Most of the design inspiration for this room can be attributed to period styles, yet the conclusion is a modern representation.  Two exceptional Tommi Parzinger console tables (for Charak) flank the fireplace, designed in the 1940s, their elegant simplified form is in perfect alliance with the balance of these historically influenced furnishings. In making this transitional room we considered the past to better visualize the present.  Art work Rimi Yang.

October 2, 2010

Up On The Roof

Given arguably the most spectacular position for a roof deck in Vancouver, we choose to do less and let the situation be the star. This week our office began installation of a penthouse project and started at the very top.  The deck has two distinct areas, one is designated for lounge, the second houses a setting for dining.  We started by paving the roof in a flamed sand coloured granite to create a light reflecting surface.  The lounge area is composed of two identical seating groupings.  Large scale umbrellas provide intimacy (fashioning a ceiling) under an infinite sky.  Whilst commodious furniture is set for 'al fresco' repose for one (in contemplation) or many ( for receptions). The summer weather today was as much a reward, as seeing this space come together so beautifully. Night time will be magical.
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