December 17, 2013


 Artist Robert Indiana's; LOVE
As we come to the close of another year I'm struck by how 2013 has exceeded all my expectations.  It has truly been a remarkable year on so many levels.  We have found wide recognition for our interiors work. Here at home, being named Western Living's Interior designer of the year, receiving a Shine award from the IDIBC and around the world, in numerous editorials, both in print and on line.  It's wonderful to be acknowledged for doing work (we love), which is in it's own right so very rewarding, working with clients to make their dreams come true. 
Last month saw us relocate our design studio.   The move has totally refreshed our perspective and we are re-invigourated by the design potential of some wonderful new projects.  Our goals remain the same as we move forward,  making spaces that enhance the daily act of living, visually, functionally and emotionally.   

With enormous gratitude to our clients and collaborators, it is our pleasure to make a contribution to A Loving Spoonful, who's work truly elevates the human experience.   We are so appreciative of the many extraordinary people that populate our journey, we wish you an exceptional new year + one that transports you far beyond your expectations!  

With our very best regards, Robert Bailey Interiors.

" My goal is that LOVE should cover the world."  Robert Indiana

November 10, 2013

Function is Luxury

Dundarave en suite, hinged mirror cabinets for a 360 view
Whenever I consider (or am asked) what are our interiors project must haves (?),  the reply is never specific elements, but rather specific functions.  For me if it isn't functional, it's broken.  The bathroom is certainly one of the rooms where function is central to it's success.   We have a long list of must haves for this room.   But foremost on that list, is really good lighting!  I quite literally think of the vanity + mirror as a work station, which requires perfect task lighting.  The key illumination is diffused side lighting (mounted at head level), other sources can be a mix of direct and indirect and all of them need to be controllable (on dimmers).   Images included here are from various RBI projects.   

"There is one fundamental fact about lighting, where there is no light, there is no beauty." Billy Baldwin.         
Two sides of our Fairview penthouse principal bath
Open plan in our Silver Sea en suite with hinged Agape mirror back lit
Separate + equal in our Naramata en suite with side lit mirrored cabinets
Various RBI projects with controllable task lighting 

November 4, 2013


Delood is a daily design magazine + an online destination for those seeking inspiration and new information regarding modern design in all it's forms, from art and fashion, to architecture and technology, to gastronomy.  The magazine is updated daily to inform its users of the constantly changing world of design.
We're delighting to have our Naramata project featured in Delood and thank the editorial staff for this and previous project inclusions.  

October 27, 2013

Feeling Faint

Various RBI bedroom vignettes that include a chaise longue.
One of our favourite types of lounge seating has to be the chaise longue (long chair).  We've used them in many of our projects and in a number of styles.  For me they always speak of a kind of pampered luxury.   A little sanctuary from modern life and all it's frenetic activity. They definitely recall a more genteel time.  But I think this graceful symbol of indulgent relaxation, can be part of our time as well.  The NYT's magazine recently included " A Short History of the Fainting Couch; we've long needed a place to lounge".   I certainly agree.  
A Short History of the Fainting Couch
RBI bath sitting room with twin chaise longue.

October 21, 2013


RBI rendering of Point Grey residence
We began working with our clients on this wonderful residence, some time ago and it's design has morphed to a place where we are now ready to build it.   The home occupies one of the premier sites in Vancouver, with spectacular views of mountains, city and sea.  We'll be following it's development throughout the duration of construction, in a feature project diary, here on our blog.
Foundations fully framed and ready for concrete

October 20, 2013

October 10, 2013

Taste of Life Magazine

We're very pleased to have our Deep Cove project included in the latest edition of Taste of Life magazine.  "Taste of Life Magazine bridges East and West through the refinement of luxury.   We are happy to announce that we are Canada's only bi-lingual luxury lifestyle magazine: in English and Chinese."   Many thanks to Brett Price, managing editor, for the featured editorial.
Luxury lifestyle magazine: in English and Chinese.

October 8, 2013

Interview on At Home

I had the pleasure of speaking with Cheryll Gillespie on her At Home radio show.  We had a great lively chat about our professional practice, design philosophies, guiding principles and loving what we do!  The interview runs about 12 mins, so get a coffee if you're interested. 

September 29, 2013

Contemporist Cabin

Our lake shore summer home for a dynamic family, (located in Naramata BC)  is featured on Contemporist today.  Many thanks to the Contemporist group for including our project on their well edited site.
Stairwell light fixture Bocci series 21.  Original art work by Tiko Kerr.

To see our design office updates, like our Facebook page.

September 26, 2013

IDIBC Shine Awards

During design week in Vancouver the Interior Design Institute of British Columbia held it's Shine Awards of Excellence Gala.  IDIBC's annual Awards of Excellence celebrate the outstanding design achievements of BC's professional interior design community We're very pleased to announce that RBI received an award for our Deans Knight Capital Management  project.  
We would like thank all of the IDC + IDIBC organizing members, who's hard work make this event possible.  Congratulations to all of this years registered interior designer recipients!
DKCM reception lounge
DKCM kitchen
DKCM meeting

August 31, 2013

WL Designers of the Year

Being named Interior Designer of the Year is such a great honour, and I am truly grateful to WesternLiving and the panel of esteemed judges for this privilege.   
I would also like to express gratitude to my wonderful clients for allowing me to create these beautiful spaces in their homes, and to everyone who was involved in helping make these projects a reality. 
I must also recognize the other interior designers who were shortlisted.  I am delighted to be included in such a talented professional group.
For me interiors should reflect an effortless elegance, that is not only easy to live with, but also easy to live in.  I believe our projects consistently show this to be a guiding principal.
See the article here.
“Our Interior Design judging panel, comprised of the top interior designers from across the West, was truly moved by Robert’s work—his attention to detail, use of fine materials and exquisite finishing truly elevate his designs,” says Anicka Quin, editor-in-chief of Western Living. "Calgary designer Douglas Cridland noted that 'while others may choose the right fabric or the right carpet, Robert's work truly shows you the layers—the work—that goes into making something great.’ We’re thrilled to name Robert Bailey this year’s Interior Designer of the Year in our September issue of Western Living.”

August 4, 2013

July 30, 2013

Homes + Living Magazine

In the August/September 2013 Homes + Living Vancouver magazine, our Opus Hotel room re-fresh gets a colourful and stylish nod from writer Catherine Dunwoody.  Thank you!  

July 22, 2013

The City + The Sea / Coast Modernism

It's very cool to have our work included for a second time in Alem Dekor, this time it is our Silver Sea project that is featured in the magazine.   Much appreciation to Senem Öztürk, editor at Alem Magazine Istanbul, for her continued interest in our interiors

July 11, 2013

Okanagan Home Magazine

Our Naramata lake house project is the cover feature in the Globe + Mail's insert magazine Okanagan Home.  Many thanks to all involved with the editorial.  

June 22, 2013

Master Editor

D'Urso swivel chairs
Lately I've been rediscovering the work of Joseph D'Urso.  In the seventies when I first saw his work for Calvin Klein, it had all the fresh promise of a new american design direction.     Following in the footsteps of his internship with Ward Bennett U'rso showed us not only a new minimalism, but also a deductive design process that reflected contemporary urban lifestyle.   His furniture remains highly relevant today, in our quest for simple fully realized design pieces. They are luxurious in materiality and present a thoughtful ideal about living well, with less.  
We used two of his wonderful low profile swivel chairs for Knoll, in a Whistler chalet games room (pictured above), upholstered in a Knoll Luxe wool.   Out of production pieces can be found on the secondary furniture market.  He was interviewed in the (1981) Parsons school of Design New Freedom series, about his design sensibilities.  
D'Urso coffee table
D'Urso high racetrack table
D'Urso deep sofa

"If one isn't careful," says Joe D'Urso, "one ends up living in a storeroom".

May 21, 2013

Dream Homes

Our penthouse project at the Fairmont Pacific Rim Estates is in the spotlight once again, this time on Dream Homes.  Much appreciation to hosts Bianca Solterbeck and Peter Verge for their interest in our work and making it a very fun shoot!

April 30, 2013

Alem Dekor Magazine

It really is a small world (on-line) after all.  The Rancho Mirage home we designed for the lovely Jacquie Somerville, has been featured in ALEM Dekor Magazine Istanbul.   Many thanks to  Senem Öztürk and ALEM for this great editorial piece. Teşekkür ederim!   
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