March 15, 2013


RBI concept sketch for kitchen
As I approach my 35th year of being a professional interior designer, I am struck not by how much has changed, but rather by how much has remained true.  Ultimately an honest authentic approach to design prevails for me.   Our design point of view is formed by our clients desires and informed by our core design values.  Interior design that is driven by an elegant expression of function, that does not care for trend or the latest colour.  I believe the  enduring choices we make, will only increase in worth as time goes by.  
This year we've been designing a number of projects which will not come to fruition, long before fashion choices will have moved on. We'll share more of our thinking + processes here on the blog and on our new Facebook page, as they (+ we)  progress.

"Modernism means freedom-freedom to mix, to choose, to change, to embrace the new but hold fast to what is good."   Edward J Wormley 1907-1995.
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