April 21, 2011


the scene
Inspiration came from many sources, for our design of a home in Palm Springs.  The desert landscape and context, furnished us with an exuberant array of colours and textures to draw from.  Cactus blooms, lavender mountains at sunset, a diversity of palm trees and crystal blue skies, all (+ so much more) influenced the colour and patterns we selected. Fabric sources include, Schumacher, Designers Guild, Pollack and Donghia.  Once completed these materials will transform our vintage treasures (found in situ) and our client's oasis in the desert will perfectly suit it's unique setting.  We're looking forward to a fun installation in June!
fabric + paint selections

April 15, 2011

Purposeful Embellishment

Beautifully curated accessories can transform a room, they add detail, scale and personality. The stuff that surrounds us is an expression of our point of view.  One of the most remarkable sources for artisan created, home embellishments and accessories is Provide Home. Robert and David, owners and editors of the collections, have changed the face of home decor in Vancouver.  They continually seek out new and fresh innovators, to compliment their solid collections of contemporary home wares. 
Recently Provide has added bathroom accessories to their collections. These beautiful forms in marble, porcelain and lacquer,  perfectly befit the luxurious rooms they were designed to function in.  
Follow Provide's blog Edit, to see their latest finds from around the globe and right here at home.

April 8, 2011


The language of design, is decidedly not spoken by everyone.  When we're presenting a design concept to clients one of the most effective means of crossing this language barrier is to prepare a sketch rendering.  This tried and true visual tool, conveys our intentions while also helping us determine them (through the drawing process).  Saving both time and design loops for all concerned.  
Renovating a residence for a new client, required moving the kitchen to a different location in the home.  This sketch with collage elements enabled us to get consensus, moving the detailed construction drawings forward with confidence, that we were all on the same page.  
Design after all is a visual discourse.

April 1, 2011

Deep Roots

When I was studying interior design in the late 1970s, one of the most influential designers of the time was Ward Bennett.  His pared down furniture and interiors relied on strength of form, and the intrinsic beauty of materials.  He presented a view of minimalism that was comfortable and luxurious.  I've always naturally gravitated to his work, as much now as I did over 30 years ago.  We used his Sled chair (1963) in this dressing area for it's quiet honest elegance.  Just classic, no twist.
Scissor Chair 1980s
 A number of his furniture pieces remain in production, and are manufactured by Geiger International
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