September 11, 2014

Seven Ayam

Delightful to receive a copy of this feature RBI editorial profile in 7 Ayam, the Egyptian weekly magazine.  Many thanks to Amira Soliman and the magazine for their considered appreciation.

August 8, 2014

Site Specific

The west coast tradition of modernism, is one of connecting architecture to it's environment and creating an indoor outdoor synergy.  One of our goals when designing this Point Grey residence was to take full advantage of it's situation. With numerous rooms opening on to exterior terraces, some with expansive views and others with more intimate garden outlooks, at each level we wanted the residence to embrace it's site .  
Working with Paul Sangha Landscape Architecture, to provide the exterior site design, their artistry is eveident in every aspect of the design work for this special property.  Paul and his accomplished group, have maximized the varied terrain creating many different experiences within gardens.  They've brought architecture into the landscape by creating structure that beautifully supports both plant and human life in a harmonious setting.  We're so looking forward to next spring and seeing our client's wonderful project come to fruition.      
entry garden 
spa pool + fire feature with reflecting pool
elevation at rear of residence + seasonal colour story

June 14, 2014

Homes + Living Magazine

Last September at IDS West I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Van Der Merwe editor-in-chief of H+L magazine. We had a lively conversation about the importance of local design publications supporting the IDIBC and it's membership. I was delighted to learn earlier this year that H+L magazine's Designer Profiles, now reflects one aspect of their partnership with the Interior Designers of Canada (IDC). The magazine will be highlighting registered interior designer members (RIDs)  in all of their markets.  This recognition of our professional members and our organizations is great to see.
A registered interior designer is qualified through a rigorous process of education, certified professional experience and examination via the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ).
I'm extremely gratified to have the support of H + L magazine for our professional members and to be the featured Designer Profile in the Vancouver June/July issue
-'The Interior Design Institute of BC is committed to advancing our profession through accreditation, education, knowledge sharing, legal recognition and public outreach.  Our mandate is to serve the interests of both the interior design industry and the general public through the development of a recognized, respected professional association.'
H+L Magazine 

April 4, 2014

Gray Magazine

Gray Magazine Fresh Canvas
We're so pleased to have the work of our firm featured again (previously here + here) on the pages of Gray Magazine.  This time it is a Whistler townhouse retreat, for our dear friend + client and her young son.  Much appreciation to Jaime, Rachel and Gray Magazine for their interest in the work of our studio and great support of the design profession in the Pacific northwest.   Photographs Josh Dunford.
Gray the Elements issue

March 24, 2014

Home Work

sharing both space and function
The kind of trends I get excited about are lifestyle trends, how we behave, what is driving our behavior and how that translates into how we use space.   Home work and the spaces we work in are in the midst of change, expanding the possibilities of their meanings.
The concept and format of a study or home office, has evolved over the last few years.   Not so long ago our computers were relegated primarily to preform work tasks and for the most part fixed in a single (wired) location.   With the proliferation of lap tops, tablets and smart phones, we now work almost everywhere in our homes.  In addition our devises and connectivity are used for much more then work.   A great number of us now look to our devises and the Internet, for personal and business communications, entertainment, social networking and for hosting digital storage from music to photographs, and more.   Those whose primary work place is in the home may want a dedicated space or room.  But often these spaces are more elastic in their functional performance, bridging all our technological streams in a seamless manner.   
In our projects we address technology + place everyday.  Project photos here show both devoted and nomadic applications for home work.    
holiday house desk with room for two
sofa desk landing spot
spinning study
conventional desk with new work sofa 
inspiration at a glance collage white board
meeting both actual and virtual

February 24, 2014

Fully Framed

A few months have passed since my initial Point Grey project diary post.   The project has made good progress and is now fully framed, and ready for infrastructure + rough-in installations.   Although we've been visualizing the interior spaces and exterior form for some time now, it's wonderful to actually experience the interior, spatially and the exterior in context to it's situation.   We planned this home to connect to intimate garden spaces and remarkable out looks of Vancouver at large.  All of the views are beautifully framed by large picture windows, with many wrapping around corners to broaden these amazing vistas. I'll be posting more of our progress and project design material soon.    
cantilever roof with wrap around bay window
view from covered terrance across living room
living room picture window 
clerestory windows in powder room + at upper level stairwell
principal bedroom 

February 7, 2014

Bespoke Case Pieces

In our highly customized interiors we typically design much of the furniture to exacting dimensions. Finishes that are fully integrated into the interior design colour and material palette, create a refined layered harmony.   Beyond the aesthetic value of these pieces they are precisely suited to our clients functional needs and scaled to harmonize with the interior proportions of the space they occupy.  The bespoke case pieces we create for clients are one of a kind and of heirloom quality.   Pictured here are an assortment of RBI designed unique case pieces, which exhibit the luxury of craftsmanship and materiality. 

"My style is a constant search for simplicity, elegance and quality"

Various case pieces photos above;  custom walnut tray table, whittled bedside chest with custom bronze hardware + legs, custom walnut sofa credenza with bronze top, custom sofa table/desk oak with leather wrapped top.  Various case piece photos below; all walnut, drawer chest, x-base table and console table.
Dark oak + Tabu veneer desk with bronze base + custom hardware
In an RBI London dining room whittled walnut credenzas + standing framed mirror 
Various case piece photos above; custom bedside chest Tabu veneers with tray top + custom nickel hardware, custom bleached oak dressing table + pivoting mirror, custom oak case highboy with leather wrapped doors + custom bronze pulls.  Various case piece photos below; custom white lacquer hall cabinet (after Neal Small), custom cocktail table Tabu veneer, custom dining table and storage cabinet black coffee oak.

January 3, 2014

Seaside Serene

Photographs Josh Dunford
We're very pleased to have our third editorial (previously here + here) in Alem Dekor Magazine. 
This time it's an architecturally significant home, we completed some time ago which still looks timely. Our continued gratitude to Senem Öztürk Editor and the magazine for their support of our design work.

December 17, 2013


 Artist Robert Indiana's; LOVE
As we come to the close of another year I'm struck by how 2013 has exceeded all my expectations.  It has truly been a remarkable year on so many levels.  We have found wide recognition for our interiors work. Here at home, being named Western Living's Interior designer of the year, receiving a Shine award from the IDIBC and around the world, in numerous editorials, both in print and on line.  It's wonderful to be acknowledged for doing work (we love), which is in it's own right so very rewarding, working with clients to make their dreams come true. 
Last month saw us relocate our design studio.   The move has totally refreshed our perspective and we are re-invigourated by the design potential of some wonderful new projects.  Our goals remain the same as we move forward,  making spaces that enhance the daily act of living, visually, functionally and emotionally.   

With enormous gratitude to our clients and collaborators, it is our pleasure to make a contribution to A Loving Spoonful, who's work truly elevates the human experience.   We are so appreciative of the many extraordinary people that populate our journey, we wish you an exceptional new year + one that transports you far beyond your expectations!  

With our very best regards, Robert Bailey Interiors.

" My goal is that LOVE should cover the world."  Robert Indiana

November 10, 2013

Function is Luxury

Dundarave en suite, hinged mirror cabinets for a 360 view
Whenever I consider (or am asked) what are our interiors project must haves (?),  the reply is never specific elements, but rather specific functions.  For me if it isn't functional, it's broken.  The bathroom is certainly one of the rooms where function is central to it's success.   We have a long list of must haves for this room.   But foremost on that list, is really good lighting!  I quite literally think of the vanity + mirror as a work station, which requires perfect task lighting.  The key illumination is diffused side lighting (mounted at head level), other sources can be a mix of direct and indirect and all of them need to be controllable (on dimmers).   Images included here are from various RBI projects.   

"There is one fundamental fact about lighting, where there is no light, there is no beauty." Billy Baldwin.         
Two sides of our Fairview penthouse principal bath
Open plan in our Silver Sea en suite with hinged Agape mirror back lit
Separate + equal in our Naramata en suite with side lit mirrored cabinets
Various RBI projects with controllable task lighting 

November 4, 2013


Delood is a daily design magazine + an online destination for those seeking inspiration and new information regarding modern design in all it's forms, from art and fashion, to architecture and technology, to gastronomy.  The magazine is updated daily to inform its users of the constantly changing world of design.
We're delighting to have our Naramata project featured in Delood and thank the editorial staff for this and previous project inclusions.  
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