August 23, 2011


When thoroughly renovating this apartment, one of our objectives was to give a greater sense of space to the rooms.  The original conventional master bath/bedroom layout was redesigned to be shown more openly.  Removing partitions that separated these spaces broadened the way each is perceived.  Only the shower and toilet are more private, separated by a sliding glass panel.  The bathroom has a lightness of being and effortless elegance, that allows it to connect harmoniously to the bedroom.  We're just putting the final touches on this home and will have more to show soon.
Walnut flooring continues from the bedroom area.  All plumbing fittings are Dornbracht.  Wall scones by  Prandia.  Agape Narciso adjustable mirror. Custom white lacquer vanity with calacatta marble counter top. A Gerhard Richter hangs over the free standing stone bathtub and is reflected in a white glass overlaid wall.

August 20, 2011

Contemporist Penthouse

A recent project of ours has been featured in the online publication, Contemporist.  It is a daily source for architects and interior designers to discover new products and projects in the world of contemporary design, always current + informed.  Many thanks for including our work. 

August 9, 2011


A couple of years after we had designed a ranch house, complete with stables and riding ring, our clients asked us to design and integrate a swimming pool on the property.  The ranch home was sited to take full advantage of spectacular views, while remaining sensitive to it's environment.  Constructed of natural materials throughout, complete with living green roof,  there is little visual disruption between built architecture and the natural terrain.  Criteria for the addition of the new pool + lounge terrace followed suit.   We paved the terrace in un-gauged slate, and custom coloured the pool to connect with the lake beyond.   Furnishings are  Dedon (Lounge series), umbrellas from Tucci, and planting pots (Ming) by Serralunga.  The completed pool project sits harmoniously in it's beautiful grassland setting, surveying panoramic vistas.
Thanks for sending these amazing photos Jacquie!

August 1, 2011

Colour Study

As interiors designers we spend everyday, working in the laboratory of colour. The study and exploration of colour and it's application, is one of endless possibilities + lessons.  Even our most subtle work (albeit muted) is about colour and how it conveys a point of view.  In our much more expressive work (pictured here) rather than whisper, it shouts. 
I love fully saturated colour and am always delighted to use it full strength, when the right opportunity presents its self.  Colour selection always starts with emotion for me, theory defines and expands its execution. But mostly (I think) colour should be fun.    
"Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."  
"He who wishes to become a master of colour must see, feel and experience each individual colour in its endless combinations with all other colours." (Johannes Itten)
The Art of Colour: The subjective experience and objective rationale of colour: by Johannes Itten.
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