September 21, 2011

Inside The Box

Having ample well organized storage creates a kind of freedom from chaos, simplifying the acts of living.  In a newer project we optimized the kitchen footprint to include full height pantries, and under counter drawers for maximum functionality.  But what really sets these cabinets apart is how the insides are treated.  We specified quarter cut white oak with a transparent grey wash, for the interiors of the custom chalk lacquer millwork.  The unexpected material lining, speaks of craftsmanship and equal visual consideration for both the closed and open positions. 
"Out of clutter, find simplicity.  From discord find harmony.  In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."  Albert Einstein

September 11, 2011

Windows On The World

Warren Platner, limited production chair, for Steelcase 1970s
I was in New York last week, it's a trip I make a least once a year to get a fix of pure urbanity.  This year marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic destruction of the World Trade towers, and had me thinking of that time before, NYC (and the world) was forever changed.  Like those halcyon days when Waren Platner's mastery created the iconic Windows on the World restaurant (occupying the entire 107th floor of the north tower).  HIs breakout (1977) design  is forever recorded in my visual memory. The attention to detail was all encompassing, every element had intent and was part of the whole.  Like the towers, it had a tremendous effect on my sense (and the possibilities) of built environments.  
Windows is likely the most know of Platner's interior design projects, and his sensuous series of seating and tables for Knoll, the most celebrated.  We were very fortunate to find one of his (out of production) chairs for Steelcase to incorporate in a Palm Springs residence. The chair (pictured above) is rakishly handsome, and epitomizes many hallmarks of his work.  Boldly modern, yet reminiscent of a beauty we had already known. 
Warren Platner for Knoll 1966

In mermory of life, love and beauty lost.
American artist Robert Indiana's, LOVE 1966 

September 5, 2011

BC Home

Our Deep Cove project is featured in the Designer Issue of BC Home magazine (Fall 2011).  The article focuses on the bathrooms and is thoughtfully written by Yolanda Brooks.  More of the  residence can be seen on our web site.
It's great to see Jack enjoying his shower.
The project has also been recently presented in Delood, the daily digital design magazine.

September 1, 2011

Creation Of Experience

The artist Gordon Smith is a consummate west coast painter.  He breaths new life and feeling into his chosen subject, through an intimate experience with nature.  His friend Douglas Coupland described Smith's "ability to make works that are more like portals than mere canvases....... pieces you want to not just view...... but enter"  
In a client/collector's re-freshed living room (above) the large Gordon Smith canvas (2011) dominates and invites.  A new exhibition of Smith's work (Black + White) opens at the Equinox Gallery on September 16th.
Gordon Smith, Special Green 1967 serigraph on paper 
Gordon Smith, Beach Pools at Night 1963 oil on canvas
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