January 7, 2012

Up Date

exterior in progress
About a year ago I noted a comprehensive ground up lake house project we had undertaken in Naramata BC.  It's been a great year, working with our clients to design the house to perfectly suit their vision. As it nears completion we're getting excited to see the results of all our work.  On our last site visit there was a flurry of activity, with both wood ceilings and floors being installed.  The project is being skillfully crafted by Barnett Construction.  So much of what is reflected on the surface, or not reflected, is the result of careful planning and thoughtful execution.   Barnett Construction have been stellar to work with, translating construction documents into a built reality that befits our deign intentions.  We're planning a late spring installation, and an incredible first summer in their new lake house for our clients.
interior spaces in progress
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