December 22, 2009

Sweet Spots

I would like to thank Erin Donnelly for her editorial in the November/December issue of Canadian Interiors. Her piece highlights our design work on Opus Hotel Montreal and it's hot spot, KOKO restaurant + bar. Thanks so much for the appreciation!

We're currently putting a new spin on Opus Hotel Vancouver. With a refreshed Lobby Bar debuting later this winter, and re-mixed looks for the signature rooms by the end of 2010. I look forward to seeing these new looks, as they come to fruition and evolve the Opus brand.

December 19, 2009

Holiday Wishes

In the spirit of this season + recognition of our wonderful clients, we have made a donation to Friends For Life Vancouver. Wishing you all the very best now and into the future, may these holiday wishes be yours, all year long. Enjoy!

December 5, 2009

Flower Therapy

Flowers and floral constructions have long been associated with special occasions. But I'm of the opinion that everyday is an occasion worthy of celebrating with beautiful flowers. The colours and forms of nature can be transforming. Touching all our senses, they promote a feeling well being.
Whenever we complete a project I always look to Get Fresh Flowers to provide this essential component to every room. Robert Munro and his team consistently bring innovation to their extraordinary artful designs. These sophisticated seasonal arrangements were both created by Get Fresh Flowers. Large and exuberant or small and contained, they both add joy to the room they were designed for.

October 28, 2009

True Colours

I always feel privileged to work with clients on a second, or as in this case our third project together. Their wonderful vacation home is located in Punta Mita Mexico. The first phase of our work was to extend the pool terrace and add a roof deck to better enjoy all aspects of the Mexican day + night. We were certainly inspired by the exquisite natural beauty of the location, and it's abundant floral vegetation. But also by our vivacious and stylish clients. Mexican rose marble and a local wood stained dark, provide the built hardscape. While generous scale furniture fosters lounging and just taking in the spectacular views. The saturated colours of the Bougainvillea informed our fabric selection, which seems perfectly at home under the clear pure tropical sun.

October 17, 2009

Composing a Story

For me a really great home is an expression of its inhabitants. This is true in all of the selections made, but perhaps even more so, in the choice of accessories. These items tell the story of who lives here, their point of view, their passions, travels, and desires. I am always delighted when a client is a collector, it can start a dialog for the design of their residence, and provide unique opportunities in the making of a special place. While some are very specific, others can be more random and eclectic.
To create dynamic relationships between objects I will often inject strong contemporary objects within arrangements. One of my favourite sources for these, is Provide, they represent modern artisans who fabricate beautifully crafted works.
The composition on this large bamboo coffee table is a great example of objects playing against each other, to tell a story.

September 12, 2009

Classic White

Certainly one of the most enduring colours for a kitchen is white. It just always looks fresh and timeless, virtually in any style. These images are from a condominium project in which we demolished everything and started over. The all white kitchen complete with the dining island is set against picturesque Marinaside views. I'd never consider myself a minimalist, but this elegant glass kitchen does not need decoration; it's inherent in the rich material. The polished glass surface becomes kinetic, reflecting all that comes in contact with it.

August 27, 2009

Rugs To Love

In a number of projects we have had the great fortune to work with Zoe Luyendijk, who is an amazing rug designer. Her designs have provided concrete foundation for so many of our rooms. Rugs are often envisioned as anchors for furniture. But great rugs can do so much more, they unify and enhance spaces, bringing luxury and art to daily life. Working with Zoe is always a pleasure, which is manifested with the unrolling of a magic carpet. Pictured here in a London Mews house (nearing completion), we used several of her remarkable designs. All of these rugs are hand made and executed in wool and silk, some of which have in excess of thirty custom colours. I look forward to future projects in which to incorporate her beautiful bespoke rugs.

August 17, 2009


Last year we designed KOKO Restaurant + Bar, located in Opus Hotel Montreal. We've been very pleased with all the recognition received. Notably the award from International Restaurant + Hotel Awards, for Best Conceptual Design. The concept jumping off point was the Art Nouveau building housing the spaces. We channelled the decadent salons (of that time) like those frequented by Oscar Wilde and incorporated the exotic drawings of Aubrey Beardsley all in a vocabulary of today. Many thanks to the team that made this project such a success. With a special nod to Nettie Hew, Jon Gieser + Chad Falkenberg, who worked tirelessly and always in good humour.

Art Matters

It never ceases to amaze me how art work enriches the spaces we design.  This triptych by Vancouver artist Tiko Kerr, (in a client's study) sits perfectly on the floral grass cloth.  It's graphic forms and synchronized colour, combined with perfect proportion, take this room to a higher more soulful level.

In Be

In the summer issue of Be magazine, they've featured a residential penthouse we designed a couple of years ago. This project was for me, pivotal in changing focus and finding my delight, in designing homes for remarkable individuals.  Full project portfolio + on our web site.

August 16, 2009

Newer Projects

We've recently added new project portfolios to the web site. Thanks to Josh Dunford for the great photography (as always), and Robert Munro for the perfect floral compliment.

Summer Comes Late

We recently (last week) installed this great terrace. For most of June + July it was being re-surfaced while the pool and spa were treated with custom black glass tiles. Our client has returned to the city just in time to enjoy, a beautiful late summer in Vancouver and a wonderful new space in which to entertain or just lounge by the pool.  

Furniture B+B Italia, lamps Metalarte, center fire bowl by Solus Decor. 
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