December 17, 2013


 Artist Robert Indiana's; LOVE
As we come to the close of another year I'm struck by how 2013 has exceeded all my expectations.  It has truly been a remarkable year on so many levels.  We have found wide recognition for our interiors work. Here at home, being named Western Living's Interior designer of the year, receiving a Shine award from the IDIBC and around the world, in numerous editorials, both in print and on line.  It's wonderful to be acknowledged for doing work (we love), which is in it's own right so very rewarding, working with clients to make their dreams come true. 
Last month saw us relocate our design studio.   The move has totally refreshed our perspective and we are re-invigourated by the design potential of some wonderful new projects.  Our goals remain the same as we move forward,  making spaces that enhance the daily act of living, visually, functionally and emotionally.   

With enormous gratitude to our clients and collaborators, it is our pleasure to make a contribution to A Loving Spoonful, who's work truly elevates the human experience.   We are so appreciative of the many extraordinary people that populate our journey, we wish you an exceptional new year + one that transports you far beyond your expectations!  

With our very best regards, Robert Bailey Interiors.

" My goal is that LOVE should cover the world."  Robert Indiana
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