December 15, 2011

Modern Art Family

Recently added to our web site is the project portfolio for Silver Sea. It's the Vancouver home of an international art dealer and her family. Photographs are by Josh Dunford.
'Art does not reproduce the visible; rather it makes visible.' Paul Klee.
Plan for Silver Sea Project
We've also made some modifications to our web site, employing the talents of BB&co Strategic Storytelling to expand the depth of understanding of who we are and the work that we do.  Bill Baker is the author of a very informative blog, A Storied Perspective, that uncovers the value of storytelling to our daily lives,  and how it can engage us with its meaning, for our journey of discovery.  It's been an enlightening experience working with Bill Baker and Cookie Boyle (writer).  Our web site design is by Burnkit.
Project descriptions have been added to the RBI site
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