May 15, 2011

For Arts Sake

I'm very pleased to be travelling to Hong Kong for ART HK 11 this month. One of the great benefits of working in the design industry is it's interface with the world of art.  I've had life long love affair with art, and no matter where I travel experiencing art is part of that journey.  In the past I've had the good fortune to visit various international art fairs, auctions + exhibitions.  Art HK is a wonderful opportunity to see the best of Asia, both established and emerging artists.
We often rely on an expert adviser, for the selection of art work in our projects.  Susan Almrud, has assisted our clients in their acquisition of important works, and in so doing added greater richness to our interiors.   Susan does so much more than just prudently recommend art, she educates and excites with her enthusiastic depth of knowledge.  Touring the fair with her will be very enlightening.  "To be with art is all we ask",  Gilbert + George
Kibong Rhee, End Of The End 2011
Painting by Kibong Rhee, (South Korea).  Extraordinary dream like works, painted on translucent layers, suggesting traditional landscape painting.   
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