April 25, 2010

No One is an Island

Having design history teaches you the importance of knowing as much about what you don't know, as that you do. Bringing together a project team of highly skilled specialists, translates into a superior outcome and a more valuable adventure. One of the most tangible and enriching is the art consultant.   The 'art world' is for me, a vast wilderness that I love to explore, but require a well qualified guide to navigate.
Susan Almrud is that go to docent. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, she intuitively understands space and it's inhabitants, deftly selecting works to grace their lives. Beyond the aesthetic contribution, her appropriate real time adeptness, opens up opportunities for collectors + art lovers alike. Generosity of spirit, warmth and top model good looks are just icing on the cake.
In a recent project, work by Darren Almond.
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