May 27, 2010

Family Values

My earliest memories are those of dream like comfort nestled in a generously made bed.  My mother (schooled by her mother) always lavished this temple of rest, with crisp cotton, hand combed wool, and the finest feather down.   For our family beds are the preeminent luxury.  Perhaps that is why one of my most enjoyed tasks, is that of dressing this feature element in every bedroom we design.  
Fitting out a bed, brings together texture, pattern + colour, that are the unification of the room's style.  I tend to favour custom upholstery bed heads, with shams + covers in rich, soft to the touch fabrics. Sheeting and cases of Egyptian cotton or linen that are ironed to a satin sheen. 
One of our favourite sources for bed linens is Bernstein + Gold, they represent premium manufacturers such as Signoria, The Purist, plus luxurious pillows and duvets.   Sumptuous beds are an invitation to relaxation and carry with them the promise of sweet restful dreams.   
Sleep well.  Wake even better.
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