November 8, 2014

Closing In

Images of living / dining areas with terrace + lower right study
At our Point Grey project most of the summer and early fall, have been consumed with installing all of the home's infrastructure.  So much of a projects success relies on getting the early work right.  We're lucky to have a great project team that is thoughtful about every detail, working through our ID construction documents to achieve all our design intentions.  Here are a few progress images with all the windows installed and wall board being applied; the interiors spaces are taking shape.   
Images of stair well, principle bath + bedroom
To achieve a visually clean (uncluttered) appearance within the interior architecture, requires planning and precision installations during the the rough in stages.  Every detail needs to be well considered both on it's own and in context of the whole.  Making spaces look simple and uncomplicated is a very involved process.       
Rear elevation
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