October 26, 2012

Pattern + Texture

Even the most homogeneous element when viewed at close proximity, has richness and surface marking that make it anything but plain.  We love the intimately revealed pattern of the simplest of materials.  Most of the work we do relies on the quiet harmony and  ornamentation of a diverse family of elements, to create visual interest.

For the bedroom pictured here, all of our choices were inspired by the natural world.  Over a rustic oak plank floor we layered a woven woollen rug, and a Glant cashmere flannel covered bed.  The Brent Comber Shattered (Douglas Fir) bench and custom walnut bedside tables add a more literal presence of nature.   The room is draped with No. 9 Thompson raw linen embroidered with a large scale paisley repeat.   We got a little louder with the bed dressing, organic chevron duvet cover from West Elm and Charlene Mullen pillows by Provide. Porta Romana  Lava lamps appear to have captured precious sunlight, in 8.5 kg of watery mouth blown glass.
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