September 12, 2012


In addition to the visual aesthetics we create, It occurs to me that one of the goals of interior design is unseen.  Working towards the making of a place that emits an emotion of unity, where everything is alright with the world.  Spaces that bring together past, present and room for the future, possessing a soul of their own.  A lofty goal (for sure) but one worthy of pursuing in an attempt to achieve the simple feeling, of a perfect comfort ( both mental + physical ) in one's place of shelter.  
The Interior Design Show West, takes place September 27-30 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  The show highlights the latest in furniture and interior design related products.  Interior Designers of Canada is hosting the popular 'What's your design dilemma?', located at the IDC booth.  Where registered interior designers provide a free (15 min.) consultation tackling attendees design challenges.  Enjoy the show.   
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