December 30, 2010

Ground Up

One of the most comprehensive projects we've under taken this year, is a lake front summer residence in Naramata B C.  In collaboration with architectural designer Jamie Dobson, we've been able to design this home from the ground up.  Our clients had a previous cabin on the site and were very clear on their requirements for the new structure. The project program drove the design, from the inside  out.  How the interior spaces relate to each other, and to the exterior  determined the overall form.   It's been a great pleasure working on this project and I believe the results will be much more than satisfying when it's complete late 2011.  I think it's going to be a great new year! 
'A good house is a created thing made of many parts economically and meaningfully assembled.  It speaks not just of the materials from which it is made, but of the intangible rhythms, spirits, + dreams of peoples lives...... In it's parts it accommodates important human activities, yet in sum it expresses an attitude toward life.' The Place of Houses; Moore, Allen, Lyndon.
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