July 15, 2010

Controlled Chaos

I consider myself extremely lucky to be renovating a project I worked on seven years ago.  The results of our new design refresh for Opus Hotel, rooms + suites is starting to take shape.  These signature rooms have always been 'out of bounds' in terms of most hospitality standards, and with this re-mix we are taking them even further out field.  The Opus brand is about being sexy, glamorous + 'la dolce vita'.  That mantra has informed all of our selections and reinvigorated the property, with a richer more luxurious sense of decoration.  We choose to keep much of the great bone structure in place, redressing it.  Not disregarding our past, but rather building on it, and evolving the Opus point of view.  It's sweet and soulful. 
In this vignette; an Opus Vancouver redecorated penthouse suite epitomizes our mission, a kind of controlled chaos ( state lacking predictability ), art work is by Anthony Goicolea.
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