October 9, 2010

Modern Traditions

The question of style often comes up when speaking about our work. I usually say we work in a contemporary manner.  This is really only partly true.  Although we design for contemporary lifestyles, almost everything we create has an archetype in the history of interiors.  For me the study of design chronicles is a constant  resource for every facet of our work in, advancing the anatomy of living environments. History imparts knowledge and gives permission to move the profession of design forward to a more relevant expression of our time and place.
Parzinger console tables 1940
Most of the design inspiration for this room can be attributed to period styles, yet the conclusion is a modern representation.  Two exceptional Tommi Parzinger console tables (for Charak) flank the fireplace, designed in the 1940s, their elegant simplified form is in perfect alliance with the balance of these historically influenced furnishings. In making this transitional room we considered the past to better visualize the present.  Art work Rimi Yang.
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