January 25, 2011

Survival Of The Fittest

As designers we are faced daily with the proposition of selecting furniture, from a seemingly endless offering.  Accessible technologies have facilitated the rapid 'concept to market' proliferation of new product,  feeding our design hungry culture.  Only time will tell if these 'current' designs have visual and functional endurance.  A chair that has maintained it's position via natural selection, is Eero Saarinen's executive chair.  Getting full marks in both comfort and beauty, as much today as when it was introduced in 1957.  We paired these enduring sculptural chairs with a bronze based artisan table, in this light filled breakfast room. 
Saarinen executive chair 1957

January 20, 2011

Dog's Life

Man's best friend plays a central role in so my of our lives, it's only natural that the well considered home also account for their comfort and well being.  When designing to include pets in the occupant mix, we select forgiving finishes to minimize stress; for these treasured family members and their guardians.  My own pampered pooch (Pierre) regards our sofa, as his domain, (hence the drool proof velvet).  In some cases specific features can be included to facilitate their care.   A favourite example is the dog shower we designed tucked around the corner, in this modern laundry / mud room.
The cabinets provide ample storage, food, leashes, toys, and extra towels, are all hidden away.  A quartz counter and utility sink make for easy clean up and the standing shower is perfect (warm) after a run on the beach.  Then it's cookies and a lazy nap in front of the fire. It's a very good life.

January 8, 2011

Plus Three

We've added three new private residence portfolios to our web site. Each project is as unique as the clients they were designed for. Photography is by Josh Dunford.

January 5, 2011


With the start of a new year, it seems apropos to reflect on the past before we address what's next.  There have been several absorbing projects this past year.  Some coming to rewarding actualization and some great new seeds. Two notable works our office is about to undertake (on the immediate horizon) are, an extensive renovation to an alpine home in Whistler BC and a new restaurant for Opus Hotel Vancouver.  Both will allow us to expand our design vocabulary. Looking differently and re-thinking, what has come before. 
In the walnut lined study (2005) pictured here, an Anish Kapoor sculpture reflects + alters it's surroundings, including the large standing painting by Chris Ofili, and classic Eames lounge.  Welcome the new + twenty eleven.
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